Types of HVAC Systems

Types of HVAC Systems

Whether you are building a new home, renovating your current home HVAC specialists mjfrickco, or need HVAC repairs, there are many different types of systems available. Some HVAC systems are a bit more complex than others, and each needs a different set of skills and equipment.

One common type of HVAC system is the split system. This consists of an indoor unit and outdoor unit connected by ducts. A split system is recommended for homes with extra room. The indoor unit may be designed for a single room or may be an entire home. It will typically heat and cool, though some are only cool-only.

Another type of system is the ductless system. These systems may still have an indoor and outdoor unit. Ducts are often fabricated from insulation and are prone to mold growth. This is no different from the risk of mold growth in sheet metal ducts.

The filter in your HVAC system is important to remove bacteria and viruses. A filter also removes volatile organic contaminants from the ventilation air. Filters should be changed regularly.

A smart thermostat can also help to enhance energy efficiency. Some thermostats are smart enough to detect problems and alert the homeowner. The thermostat can also be programmed to make small adjustments throughout the day. This helps to maintain an even temperature.

Some HVAC systems also include dehumidifiers and humidifiers. These help to lower the dew point, which can reduce mold growth. A whole-home humidifier can also help to make a home feel cooler without running a cooling system.